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CITY HUNTER : Original Soundtrack volume 1

Ai yo kienaide mô - générique de début /saison 1
Cool City - instrumental
Mr Private Eye
Midnight lightening - instrumental
Blue Air Message
Get Wild - générique de fin /saison 1
Ballad of the Silver Bullet - instrumental
What's going on ?
Blood on the Moon - instrumental
Give me your love tonight



CITY HUNTER : Original Soundtrack volume 2

Want your love
Just a hunter - instrumental
Go go heaven
Fire with fire - instrumental
Never go away
Owari no nai katamuki
The shining of Cat's Eye - instrumental
Paradise alley - instrumental
Suna no castle no Casanova (Le chateau de sable de Casanova)



CITY HUNTER 2 : Original Soundtrack volume 1.

Chance - générique de début/ saison 2, première partie
Angel Night - générique de début/ saison 2, deuxième partie
Domino Target - instrumental
Your secrets
City Heat
Fantastic Splash - instrumental
No No No
Lady in the Dark - instrumental
Super Girl - générique de fin/ saison 2, première partie
Lonely lullaby



CITY HUNTER 2 : Original soundtrack volume 2.

Name of the game
Sara - générique de fin/ saison 2, deuxième partie
Gimme shock
Crime and passion - instrumental
Without you
Party Down
Snow light shower
Holy night rapsody - instrumental
Machi-Jyu sophisticate
Lonely lullaby


CITY HUNTER 3 : Original Soundtrack

Running to horizon
A love no one can change
Forever in my heart
Just like magic
Shai ni sexy
The pressure
Requiem - instrumental
Midnight Rain
Atsuku naretara



CITY HUNTER 91 : Original Soundtrack

Down Town Game - générique de début / saison 1991
May be rich
Kiss me again
Spring Breeze - instrumental
You never know my heart
Tropical fish scenery - instrumental
Bay in the night - instrumental
Sometimes get my love
Hold me slowly
Smile ans smile - générique de fin / saison 1991
Asphalt Moon - instrumental


CITY HUNTER - A magnum of love's destination - BO du film.

Shuumatsu no soldier
Asphalt dandy
One and only
Troop in midnight
Only in my dreams
Get out !
Love games
Nina - instrumental
Wish you're here


CITY HUNTER - Original special - #2 Bay City Wars #3 Plot of $1,000,000

Rock my love - Bay City Wars opening
Night Moves
Her thoughts
Woman in the dark
Easy-going Guy
Take me back
BayCity Battle
More More Happiness
Never Say Goodbye


CITY HUNTER - Dramatic Master I

Scene N°1 : rival + Angel night
What's going on
Go go Heaven
No no no
Scene N°2 : Old friend + Super Girl
Still love her - générique de fin / saison 2, deuxième partie
City Hunter - Ayo kienaide
Scene N°3 : Tempter + Mr Private Eye
Owari no nai katamuki
Give me your love tonight
Party Down
Scene N°4 : Best partner + Get Wild


CITY HUNTER - Dramatic Master II


Hold me tight
Scene N°1 : Cat's Eye + Lonely Lullaby
Without you
Suna no castle no Casanova (Le château de sable de Casanova)
City Heat
Scene N°2 : Duel I + Cool City
Scene N°3 : Duel II + Snow Light Shower
Scene N°4 : Duel III + Atsuku Naretara
Name of the Game
Blue Air Message
Machi-jyu sophisticate
Make up tonight
Scene N°5 : Battle + Running to horizon
Your secrets


Domino target
Paradise alley
The Ballad of the silver bullet
Crime and passion
Just a hunter
Blood on the moon
Fantastic Splash
Holy night rapsody
Fire with fire
Midnight lightning
The shining of Cat's Eye
Sweet twilight
Want your love
Lady in the dark
Farewell my hunter




CITY HUNTER - Secret Service original soundtrack

Hunter in the City - instrumental
Kyôhaku - instrumental
Guinam no himitsu - instrumental
We can make it
Unmei no Ito - instrumental
Utsukushii shiki irai hito - instrumental
Chase ! Chase ! Chase ! - instrumental
If you can see
Battles cruising - instrumental
Tatta hitotsu no omoide - instrumental
Bonds - instrumental
Ikaruri no jûdan - instrumental
Easy life again - instrumental
Otherwise (TV version)


CITY HUNTER - Good Bye my Sweet Heart original soundtrack

Ride on the night
Open your eyes
Professor Mutoh
Hurry up !
Good-Bye My Sweet Heart
Dead or alive
My dear
Black roses - instrumental
Feel so blue
Burst out diving
The trap
Chase on the battlefield
Memory of the black roses
Force pollution
Critical moment
Get Wild - Special ending '97 version

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