When It’s Time to Quit (2)

Next, do you have another job lined up? If not, it may make sense to start searching for something else before you quit. If you job is really awful and it’s unsafe for you to be there a day longer, make sure you have savings that will last you about three to six months as that is how long the average job search can take.  

If you can, give the decision sometime before you come to a conclusion. Make sure you have looked at all of your options, know what your income looks like without the job, and have truly assessed the job. Every job will have some periods when it’s not going as well, and if you truly like the company, you might need to make adjustments to get through it. You can also consider asking your bosses for projects that better align with your interests or asking for a pay raise if you feel that you are not at the average salary range for that position.  

But, also remember that while you do have to pay your bills and make sure you and your family are fed, life is too short to be a job you hate. If you find yourself only living for Friday through Sunday, it’s a good idea that now is the time to find something new. You won’t always have jobs that you love, but you shouldn’t be miserable every day!