Beginning Your Job Search

Job searching can be extremely daunting, and you might not even know where to start. But, by taking it one step at a time, you can handle the process and find the right job.  

To begin, start by looking at companies you like and would want to work for. Most companies have jobs posted on their websites, so browse their availabilities. Also check with friends and former coworkers to see if they know about any openings. Having an in at a company always helps your application to stand above others.  

Then, search job boards from your college or other organizations you belong to. It’s even good to have friends look at job boards they belong to as well. Many industries have their own websites for posting jobs so search through them daily to see what’s new. Be careful of the date of when jobs were posted so that you aren’t applying to a position that is no longer available.  

Lastly, search web portals like Indeed and LinkedIn. While these are good tools, it’s also good to find the opening on the company’s page. The more you can make it look like you applied because you want to be at that company and not that you just found online, the better.