Be Your Own Boss

Our economy is changing every day, and there are many more chances than ever for people to work for themselves. Here are a few ideas on you can launch your own career where you are the head honcho.  

The best place to start is the gig economy. This means house sharing, car sharing, running errands for people, walk dogs – you can even grocery shop for another person. These app-based companies are a great way to make extra cash and allow you to choose your own hours.  

Freelancing is another great way for you to be the one in charge. This is really about exercising the connections you already have, but many people make a living off freelancing. Whether you are helping people with their taxes, building a website, or programming software, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.  

Start your own business. This can be as easy as selling homemade jewelry or becoming a microgreens farmer. Whatever you are passionate about, you can likely turn it into a business.  

It might take more time and investment, but you can be the top gun of your own business if you work hard at it!