Nailing the Interview

Congratulations, you got a call back! This is the first step in landing that dream gig, but now you have to prepare for the interview. Don’t worry, we’ve got the tips you need to nail that interview.  

Be prepared. Spend some time before the interview reviewing the company’s website to learn more about their mission, current projects, and goals. Read through their blogs, the work portfolio, their social media posts. You want to be able to show the company that you want to work specifically for them, not that you just need a job. Also, if you can, find a contact who works at the company and get their insight how it runs and what you might expect in an interview.  

Bring examples. This means not just hard copies of your work, but also stories. Companies will want to know how you thrived in challenging times, when you disagreed with a supervisor, or about a time you brought an innovated idea to the table. Have these stories ready to go when asked.  

Look the part. It’s not a secret but you should look professional for an interview, but you also want to match the company’s tone. What kind of attire do their employees wear everyday? Match that in the interview.  

Have your own questions. Not only are companies interviewing you, but you are interviewing them. Use this time to ask whatever it is you want to know about the company. Hiring is an investment on both the company and the employee, so you want to make sure it’s the right fit before you start that process.  

Follow up with thank yous. Email can work, but handwritten notes is always best.  

Lastly, congratulate yourself. Who knows what will happen, but celebrate the fact that you made it this far!

When It’s Time to Quit (1)

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You have probably often fantasized about the day you quit – what you would say to your boss, the smug smile you would give your co-workers when you leave, that huge feeling relief as you walk out the door one last time. For some of us, that’s just a fantasy on a bad day, but for others, it is a sign that really is time to quit your jobs.  

Here are a few things to consider when contemplating quitting. First, examine what are your reasonings for quitting. Are you bored and feeling underutilized? Do you have a difficult relationship with your boss or a co-worker? Is the company making changes and it’s causing some uneasy feelings about the future? Be honest with yourself about why you want to leave and see if it’s something you can change. If you and a co-worker are not getting along, then maybe you ask to be switched to a different project. Also, determine if it’s just the job or if you are in the wrong career? Could you do the same job but at a different company. It may be time for a career transition and doing the same job somewhere will yield similar results.